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Bell Tower Residence Assisted Living.

     Your donation will be put toward the continued               development of enhanced activities and programs              for the residents of Bell Tower. 


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Gift of care  Donations to the Huss Fund provide an immediate positive impact on the lives of our residents. The Huss Fund, which is only possible through the compassionate gifts of our donors, provide funding for residents to continue to live at Bell Tower Residence with dignity and comfort, even when they have run out of money.

Area of greatest need  When undesignated donations or those directed for the Area of Greatest Need are all combined, these gifts allow Bell Tower Residence to meet the increasingly complex needs of residents, pay staff a fair wage and maintain our historic building, financial needs that are difficult to meet through resident fees alone.

Special projects  Our current special project is Cycling Without Age. We are very excited to announce that we have become a Cycling Without Age affiliate. Cycling Without Age promotes the health of residents, giving them a sense of purpose and helps to keep them active and involved. Community volunteers pilot a “trishaw” while giving a ride to 2 passengers. Residents feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face and once again remember what it is like to be on a bicycle. Please join our efforts by donating to this special project. A trishaw (including shipping from Europe) is approximately $10,000.