Frequently asked questions

Who lives in assisted living communities?

It is estimated that one million Americans live in more than 20,000 assisted living communities. Assisted living residents can be young or old, affluent or low income, frail or disabled.

Residents may suffer from mild Alzheimer's disease or memory disorders, or may simply need help with mobility, incontinence or other challenges. Assisted living is appropriate for someone who is too frail to live at home or who wants extra support. The average age is 84, with the range being between 55 to over 100.

What are visiting hours at your facility?

Living at our facility is just like living at home. Residents and guests are free to come and go as they please.

What care options are available?

We offer assisted living with varying levels of care including help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Our goal is to match the level of care to each individual resident and their changing needs.


How is my level of care determined?

A pre-admission assessment is conducted at no cost to the resident to determine the individual's needs.

At admission, our care team works together with the resident and family or representatives to discuss personal preferences and any medical conditions to determine how we can best meet your needs. 


Do you offer rehab therapy?

Yes, outpatient rehab therapy and other home health services are available right here so residents can be treated and heal where they're most comfortable - in their homes. Residents may use any home health provider, although we work most often with our sister home health agency, Transitions At Home, which is also nonprofit.


Do you offer 24-hour nursing?

We offer 24-hour care and supervision provided by our highly trained staff with the support of registered nurses.  Our nurses are either working in the building or on-call 24/7.


What if my parent is at risk for falling?

Many assisted living clients come to our communities because safety is a concern. If falls are a concern, the client’s care plan will include interventions and special precautions to help address this issue. No facility can prevent all falls, but specialized fall intervention programs are part of our services.  Fall prevention interventions are reviewed and monitored regularly for effectiveness. We offer exercise classes that focus on strength and balance, which may assist in reducing the risk of falling, as well as activities that keep the client busy and at less risk for falling.


Do you have a medication management program?

Yes, our program is monitored by licensed RNs. Our staff is required to complete the state-mandated training and certification for Medication Administration. Our qualified medication staff help distribute medications based on a resident's physician's orders. 


Can I live in assisted living if I have a wheelchair, walker or just have difficulty in walking?

Yes, our goal is to have residents remain in the independent assisted living setting if possible. Unless you have a unique medical need, which should be discussed with our Administrator, we accept and encourage people who need assistance with ambulation to live with us.

What training does your staff receive?

We provide comprehensive new staff training and continuing education and training, and mandatory all-staff education to enforce our strong standards of care and stay current with state and federal health regulations.

What is your staff to resident ratio?

Staffing-to-resident ratio varies, depending on the number of residents we have & their needs. We staff based on the number of residents we have and the level of care each requires.

What types of activities are there to do?
Creative activities, outings and events vary each month. They are often determined by season and are designed by our staff to engage mind, body and spirit. In addition to in-house games, crafts, music, exercise classes and special events, we often schedule fun activities out in the community.


What activities are available for those with dementia or Alzheimer's?

Our staff is dedicated to providing residents with a sense of purpose. We coordinate individual and group activities based on personal history, interests, and special needs, with the goal of making every day more meaningful and purposeful. 

How does the dining program work?

Emphasizing choice is important in a dining program. We provide three full meals each day, plus snacks and beverages as requested.  Alternate menus are available for those times when the resident prefers an item not on the day’s menu. Residents also have access to snacks and beverages in the community dining room.  There is no extra charge for meals, as they are included in the cost of the apartment.

Can I bring my own things from home?

Yes, you are encouraged to bring personal furniture, knickknacks, photos and other items of comfort for your room. We can provide you with basic furniture including a bed, nightstand, dresser, chair, etc. We always encourage residents to make their room their own.

Is transportation available for doctor appointments or outings?

We can assist you in coordinating transportation to medical or other appointments using public transportation or private cab/transport companies, at your own cost. Additional transportation for activities and outings is provided at no extra charge by facility staff.


Are visiting hours restricted?

We welcome visitors and work with families and friends to visit their loved ones at a time that works best for them. To honor quiet hours and residents' privacy, we encourage visitation between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm. For security, the front door is locked at 8 pm, but entry is available via a doorbell.


Do you allow pets? 

We don’t allow pets to live here, but we love to have pets come for a visit.  


How quickly can you help place a resident?

We work with each family to support their needs including accommodating urgent admissions whenever possible.


What if I have other questions?

Please call our Administrator with questions or contact us through the email form on the Contact page. 

How do I arrange a tour?

Call us to schedule a tour. During your visit, we’ll talk to you about your personal circumstances and how we can best meet your needs. Visit our Contact page.