Bell Tower Residence Assisted Living serves as an administrator for Philips Lifeline in Merrill, Gleason and Irma, Wisconsin.  Contact us at 715-536-5575 for more information. Lifeline offers a range of choices to help you maintain your independence. Take a look at the Lifeline Brochure.


Is Philips Lifeline right for you?  Get the facts and find out.


  • 1 in 3 seniors fall

  • 33% of people age 65+ will fall. At 80, that increases to 50%

  • Seniors who receive help within an hour have a better rate of survival

  • The faster help arrives, the less likely an injury will lead to hospitalization or the need to move                                                 into a long-term care facility

  • And it's not just about falling. Having trouble breathing and need an ambulance? Locked out                                                     of the house and need someone with a key?

  • Philips Lifeline can help connect your loved ones to the assistance they need


Philips Lifeline invented the medical alert system category over 40 years ago and is the number one service in the country today!


  • Served more than 7 million people

  • Direct access to our 24/7 U.S. call centers

  • Multiple service options to match any lifestyle

  • The #1 AutoAlert fall detection can automatically call for help if it detects a fall, even if you're                                                 disoriented or unconscious and can't push the button yourself

  • The only mobile button that uses up to 6 advanced location technologies