The employees of Bell Tower Residence and the Holy Cross Sisters who have completed the Mission Integration Program express their commitment to be instruments of compassion and caring to those they serve and those with whom they work.








God of our journey, you have blessed us in so many ways and have entrusted us with your mission as it has been embodied in the lives and works of St. Francis of Assisi, Father Theodosius Florentini and Mother Theresa Scherer. Help us to walk in this world as Francis did, following in the footsteps of Jesus so that we see every person and all of creation as brother and sister. May the vision of Father Theodosius inspire us to see the needs of the time and the people we serve and to respond with wisdom and caring. May Mother Theresa Scherer inspire us to see your face reflected in those we serve - the sick, the lonely, those in need of care and serve them with compassion. In our journeying with you may we never lose our sense of direction. May your words be our encouragement and your love our strength. This we pray in 'Jesus' name. Amen.

We pray,

May the gifts of God unite us in faith,

And remind us to follow in the footsteps of love.

May hope accompany us on our journey,

And may we always recognize

Gods abiding presence in our midst.

May God bless you and keep you,

Smiling graciously on you,

Granting mercy and peace.