We'd like to introduce RDH wirework artisan jewelry - primarily wire woven stone pendants, by Robbin Harder from Merrill, Wisconsin.

Robbin told us a bit about her creative process: "I use primarily copper and sterling wire, but also use silver-filled, silver-plated, and enameled copper. Many of my pendants feature stone cabochons while others showcase artisan lampwork glass. Many of the stones we cut and polish ourselves.

My process begins by selecting the stone and choosing what wire will complement or contrast for the best effect. Then I choose a weave to be predominate or decide to freeform coils and curves. Some of my pieces are quite structured with a simple woven bezel and others are more organic."

"Many of the stones I work with are local to the region such as Wisconsin Jade, Lake Superior Agate, Kona Dolomite, and Petoskey Stone. We purchase, barter, or self-collect rough stones and choose how to cut and polish cabochons from the rough. I also purchase already completed cabochons if they catch my eye." Robin is contribution a piece of her jewelry to the raffle!

We are excited to introduce Walter Allen Carvings!

Walt lives in the country side outside of Merrill Wisconsin and has a long history of wood working (about 10 years) and enjoys carving burls.

We hope you'll take this opportunity to stop by and see his work!

 Memory Support for Caregivers

S. Mary Anne and S. Peggy with caregiver

Do you have a member of your family who has been diagnosed with memory loss?  Are you aware that Bell Tower Residence has a Memory Support Group for Caregivers?  This group was initiated by Marsha Bloechl and S. Peggy Jackelen around 2013.  Both women had mothers who died from this disease.  Support is a wonderful thing.  Sharing with others who have or had similar experiences provides a safe place to share concerns and receive helpful hints from others. 

Please join us if you are a caregiver of a person with memory loss.  We meet for approximately one hour at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in Bell Tower’s lobby.  Our next meeting will be held on February 11 in the 2nd floor coffee room.  Please join a group that wants and will support you on your journey. If you have questions or desire more information, contact S. Peggy Jackelen at 715-536-5425.


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Bell Tower Residence Assisted Living accepts private pay and long term care insurance.

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