We're officially an affiliate of Cycling Without Age! 


We thank our major sponsors, Church Mutual (CM Cares) and the Merrill Knights of Columbus along with everyone who supported our St. Patrick’s FUNdraiser and many community donors as well. Bell Tower has it's Trishaw!


We are creating new memories at Bell Tower Residence as we enjoy our new Trishaw and Cycling Without Age. I am so excited to see so many residents enjoying the Trishaw rides. What a wonderful chance to enjoy the scenery, to see gardens and wave at neighbors! Such a wonderful opportunity for our residents to get out into the community. 


Cycling Without Age involves a "trishaw" (a 3-wheeled bike with a motor and a bench up front for passengers) a "pilot" to drive the trishaw and residents who want to go for rides to experience the feeling of the warm air and sunshine and reminisce about younger days when they rode their bikes. 


This program was started in Denmark and has spread internationally. It has been very popular with nursing home and CBRF residents across the world. You can learn more at